The Hash Boat...   4 DAYS OF OPEN BAR

Hotel Option...    No Way!

Unlimited cocktails, beer (import and domestic), wine, non-alcoholic beverages, premium coffee, tea and bottled water. Plus a 40% discount on bottles of wine below $100 and 20% off wines above $100. Includes ALL drinks up to $12 and a $12 discount off any drink above $12.

The Hash Boat...     ALL YOU CAN EAT

Hotel Option...    Sorry, we're out of banquet pasta, have some more bread.
Fine dining, snacks, and more! Food available 24-hours, all you can eat and then some.

The Hash Boat...       EASY ACCOMODATIONS

Hotel Option...    Sold out. Try the Hilton six blocks away. Only $249/night!
Accommodations for 4 nights are just part of the package.


Hotel Option...   Transportation to the main venue 2 miles away.


Hotel Option...   Listen to the band we hired.

Huge variety of entertainment and activities on board as well as island excursions. Do what you choose.


Hotel Option...  Trail filled up at 6:05 am
Hash trails, shiggy and urban. Long medium and short options with various start times throughout the day.

 Beer in circle. Hangover trail on CocoCay.


Hotel Option...   Security is here! Put your clothes back on!
On board, the pool is clothing-optional pool (when not in port).

A day on a private island of hashers. Clothing-optional areas and skits and Mr/Ms InterAm on the beach.

Yes, with open bar on the island.

The Hash Boat... HELL YEAH!

Hotel Option...Why the hell aren't we on a cruise ship?

So basically, you are getting a LOT of  HELL YEAH! We're even covering all your crew gratuities, taxes, port fees and, of course, giveaways!

"So, what am I getting for my InterAm dollar?"

Let's see what we have...

"I'm interested! How much is it?"

Actually, it's about the same as if you booked a regular cruise with the beverage package, prepaid gratuities, taxes, and a shore excursion!

Inside cabins - $799 per person x 2 = $1,598 per cabin. Single rate $1,281.

Oceanview cabins - $869 per person x 2 =$1,738 per cabin.  Single rate $1,421

Junior Suite - $1,449 per person x 2=$2,898 per cabin. Single rate $2,581

Grand Suite (1 Bedroom) - $1,759 per person x 2 = $3,518 per cabin. Single rate $3,201

Grand Suite (2 Bedroom) - $2,079 per person x 2= $4,158 per cabin. Single rate $3,841

Owner's Suite - $2,199 per person x 2 = $4,398 per cabin. Single rate $4,081

Royal Suite - $2,579 per person x 2 = $5,158 per cabin. Single rate 4,841

(All pricing based on double occupancy. Single occupancy rates will be twice the rates above, less $317.)

Booking Instructions

The link to the rego form will be posted on September 6th at 9:oo pm - 6:00 am US Central Time on both this site (on the "Beat the Bid" tab) and on Facebook on the following pages:2017 Phoenix InterAm group, and Lunar H3 v2.0  group.

Since this pledge drive will run overnight in the US to accommodate international hashers, Babe will not be available to answer questions. If any of the following is not clear, contact Babe at

One form will be submitted for each cabin, so the hasher filling out the form will need to know the following for BOTH hashers in the cabin:

   Legal first name (to exactly match passport)

   Legal last name (to exactly match passport) (no middle name needed for this event)

   Hash name and home hash

   Birth date, gender (no guessing), and country of citizenship.

   Shirt size

If you would like the second hasher in the cabin to receive their own copy of the confirmation, you will also need to know their E-mail, phone and mailing address.

* You may choose to either pay in full now, which will immediately get you a cabin assignment in the best cabin available (required for suites), OR you may just pay $300 cabin deposit to get a space on the ship. Your cabin will be assigned upon full payment, which is due by April 2018. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Currently, Paypal is not an option.

* If two forms of payment are being used for the deposit/full payment, then both forms of payment will need to be entered on the rego forms. Deposit/final payment will be split 50/50 to each card.

* If you are booking an inside or oceanview cabin, you may request to be assigned a triple or quad occupancy cabin. When the ship is filled, we will allow a certain number of cabins to add a 3rd/4th hasher. Requesting a triple/quad cabin does not guarantee availability.

* 2 pledge patches will be mailed to the mailing address of passenger #1.

* It may take a while to process all of the pledge bookings. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your card to be charged.


Although this event is non-refundable (but fully transferable), you can protect yourself from losing your money if you should have to cancel (for a covered reason) and can't sell your registration. This coverage also kicks in for trip interruption or delay, lost baggage, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation.

To have preexisting conditions covered, you must purchase the insurance at time of booking.

This group policy s not available at this time for residents of CT, KS, MN, MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, VT, & WA. If you would like coverage for residents of these states, please leave a note in the "Notes for Babe" text box at the bottom of the rego form for a quote on an individual policy.

More information:

Travel Group Deluxe Plan