A Full-Ship, Hasher-only,  Private  Charter  Adventure ... ?!?

So what IS this?
  • Just the most awesome concept EVER for InterAmerica's Hash in 2019! 

We propose to fill a cruise ship with over 2,200 hashers. ALL hashers. No civilians. It will be OPEN BAR from the second you step aboard. On this 4-night adventure, we'll depart from a Florida port (pre and post lubes galore!), park the ship in a tropical island for two days of hashing and then spend a day at a private island in the Bahamas. Yep, a tropical island ruled by hashers. Also with open bar.

Holy Shiggy, Batman! We get the whole ship?!?
  • YES!

So in addition to open bar, we'll get all the fun that a cruise offers, plus extra hasher fun. WE don't decide what you are going to do at InterAm, YOU decide. Karaoke, climb a rock wall, go to the late night Rocky Horror party up on deck, try your luck in the casino, boogie down in the disco, do some duty-free shopping, go get a spa treatment, take in a show, whatever you want. Tired of getting harassed by hotel management when you want an all-over tan? No worries, the pool will be CLOTHING OPTIONAL when we're not in port. Tired of standing in long lines to be fed out of sterno buckets of limited choices and sitting on the curb to eat? This is a cruise ship, so settle in to a lavish dining room while a waitstaff brings course after course of whatever you want off of a fine dining menu. Or stay casual and just hit the buffet. There's even 24-hour room service. It's all you can eat, all of the time.

Wait a minute. Trails on an island? How is that going to work?
  • Splendidly!

No 6 a.m. trail signups. No waiting around all day for your trail to start. We're giving you choices, you do what works for you. Instead of offering a multitude of trails (kinda difficult on such a small tropical island), we're going to offer a limited number of trails, but with a variety of start times! Want to get in a long trail through town first thing in the morning so you have the entire afternoon to go explore the island? No problem, just sign up online for the long, urban trail at 9:00 a.m. Would you rather sleep in, treat your hangover, have a casual lunch and hit a medium shiggy trail later in the day? Great, sign up for the medium shiggy trail at 2:00 pm. Wanna run two trails? Sign up for morning AND afternoon. In addition to standard trails, look for a ballbuster or possible themed trail. We give you the flexibility to make this InterAm what YOU want it to be. Clarification: Although there will be multiple start times for the same trail, each start time will have a maximum number of participants and may fill up.

What's this about a Private Island?
  • We are working with the cruise line to include a stop at a private island.

It's also OPEN BAR and it's also ALL HASHERS! So rent a cabana, play on the floaties, or feel free to hang out in the clothing-optional section. But don't miss the skits and the Miss InterAm competition on the beach!

That sounds amazing! But what if you don't win the bid in Phoenix?
  • Screw it!  We're going anyway!

While our plan is to win the IAH 2019 bid in Phoenix, we realize the vote might not swing our way. So for all of you who are worried, don't. If we don't win the bid for 2019, we're STILL going to cruise and you'll have the BEST hash vaca ever.

What ship? Where to? Where are we leaving from? How long? When? How much is it?
  • Stay tuned!

We'll have more information posted by bid time in Phoenix. But rest assured, Babe Thruster has been doing hash cruises since 1995 and he knows how to put these things together. We are working with past IAH mismanagement on the numbers and it looks like the cruise won't cost much more than you'd pay for a typical peak-season cruise in the summer. When you add up all the stuff that is included in your rego, it's a steal compared to a limited land-based option.

A lot of details are still being worked out. I mean, it IS 2 1/2 years away. But we have a departure day of October 14, 2019 (Columbus Day)