Okay, so here's the deal...

The boring (but very important) stuff

Cabins are being priced by cabin type (inside and oceanview) and each suite type will have its own pricing. You can reserve SPACE on the cruise with your deposit, but cabins won't be assigned until we fill the ship and have control of the cabin selection. Those who pay in full first will be assigned the larger cabins on the higher deck. Those that pay in full later, will end up with the smaller cabins lower in the ship. Because of this, we can NOT honor any requests to have other hashers' cabins located next to yours.

Cabins will be restricted to double occupancy. When the ship sells out, we will take requests to add a 3rd/4th hasher to cabins. Pledges will get first request option, then the suites, balconies, oceanview and inside. 3rd/4th hasher additions will be limited and we cannot guarantee availability. And to be honest, these are small cabins. More than two adults in most of these cabins would not be comfortable and storage space is limited.

DEPOSITS - The minimum deposit required to book a space on the cruise $300/cabin ($150 per hasher). A single hasher may book a cabin as a single occupancy cabin with a $300 deposit. A second name may be added to the cabin at any time, but any payment adjustments must be made between the hashers involved. Deposit or full payment refunds will not be issued to one hasher and restored by another.

Suites require full payment at time of booking.

Bookings on the cruise are non-refundable* but are fully-transferable. Name changes can be done at no charge up until one week prior to sailing.

*Travel protection insurance will be available for this cruise. If you have to cancel for a covered reason and cannot find buyer for your rego, you have the option of filing a claim with the insurance company for reimbursement of your cruise. Full details on travel protection insurance will be posted soon.

Final Payment for all bookings will be due by April 30, 2018.

Passports will be required for all hashers on the cruise.

Minimum age: 21 years by sailing date.

*All activities outlined on this web site are based on our best efforts to plan 2 1/2 years before the event and are, of course, subject to change.*

Why are we collecting money so far in advance?

We are asking the cruise line to give us a cruise ship for this event. Unfortunately, the cruise line doesn't say, "Sure, we'll pull the sailing out of our inventory and you just pay us whenever you feel like it." What they usually require is someone with $1 million in the bank to give them a letter of credit which basically says that no matter what happens, the backer will make sure the cruise line gets their money. Well, so far, we haven't found a millionaire backer so we are doing the next best thing and buying the sailing before it even gets put on the books for sale to the public. To do that, we need to collect the funds early.

P.S.  This cruise will sail regardless of the InterAm vote. Knowing hashers, what we're offering, and the popularity of the InterAmerica's event, we think our challenge will be finding enough room for everyone that wants to go. If demand exceeds expectations, we'll consider a larger ship. If demand is lower, we'll look for a smaller ship. If demand is not enough to fill even a smaller ship (yeah, right), this cruise will revert to a mega-rocking  ridiculously large group Babes Hash Cruise. There will still be trails, open bar, and plenty of hasher fun, but the itinerary

may change to the standard cruise line itinerary and some aspects (such as clothing-optional pools and beaches) may be limited.

That's why it's so important that you get your fellow wankers involved!


the BIGGER the BOAT,