Hotel and Transportation Info

My original plan was to set up a group rate on a shuttle flight from LAX to PHX on the Thursday we get off the ship. However, prices on these flights are running around $100 per person and if I set them up though my agency, we would have to include a $25 booking fee. That's a quarter of the cost of the ticket. So I think everyone would be better off just booking your own flight and saving the $25. American and United are currently offering the $100 flights (at the time of this posting) and there may be others. Likewise, trying to organize and charter transportation to LAX for the group would end up costing more than just taking Carnival's bus or an Uber to the airport.

UPDATE: There is also a Long Beach Airport (LGB) to PHX flight at 12:45 pm available for $125 at the time of this posting.

So instead of trying to put together group packages and hoping I find enough people willing to pay more to be a part of the group package to make the minimums I'd have to hit to get the group rates, I'm just going to let everyone take care of their own arrangements after the cruise. Just be sure your flight out of LAX departs after noon.

That being said, if you need help booking flights, I'l be glad to help. There will be a $25 service fee, but I'll be happy to assist if needed. The bus transportation to the airport can be purchased on board the ship at any time at the guest services desk. The cost for the transfer to the airport is $30 per person. Uber may be cheaper. A volunteering hasher in the area would be even cheaper. :-)

Hash Hotel -

While I usually seek out cheaper 3-star hotels for events like this, I have found that there was only about a $60 price difference between the cheaper hotels a mile or so from the entertainment area of Long Beach and the deal that the Renaissance gave us on a group rate in a premium location. So I'll let you make the decision. If you want to book a less expensive hotel further from the waterfront, that's fine. We'll most likely be starting any pre-lube hashes from the Renaissance which can Uber to for the event. If you want to just stay at the Renaissance, we have a group rate ($179) that is about $40 less than the regular rate posted on the Marriott web site. To book the renaissance go here: