October 3rd

Ensenada, Mexico 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Choose one of the shore excursions offered by Carnival or we can do our own thing. Back on the ship, sign up for karaoke or dance in the disco until late at night. You get to sleep late tomorrow!

Dinner Theme: Neon Night. Get bright!

Itinerary and activities

This early in the game, the activities below are just an idea of what will be planned. I'll update the site as definite activities are scheduled. Of course, attendance at any activity is purely voluntary. It's YOUR vacation, after all.

October  4th

Fun Day at sea

Rest and relax or party on. Hang out with your favorite bartender or snooze in a lounge chair in the sun.

Dinner Theme: Hash Heritage pub crawl and dinner. Happi Coats or oldest/favorite hash attire.

These terrible men showed up on the topless deck one year and decided to make it a nekkid deck! SHAMEFUL! Fortunately, a passenger, who showed up to gawk at the topless women, reported them to security and they were sent away so that the offended passenger could resume gawking at women's bodies without any offensive male bodies in view.  Since Carnival no longer has topless decks, immoral men like these will not be tempted to offend you on this cruise.

October 2nd

Catalina Island, CA 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Meet at Eric's on the pier at 10:00 am for the hash.Hang around for the on-after and enjoy the island! Back on the ship enjoy the Production show or try your luck in the casino that night.

Dinner theme: Roaring 20's. Gangster/flapper/speakeasy bartender/whatever

October 5th

Long Beach, CA

Take a transfer to LAX and catch the shuttle to Phoenix (optional) and get ready for InterAm 2017!!!

October 1st

Long Beach, CA

Check in and start your adventure! Hit the embarkation buffet and get your beverage package. Ship departs at 5:30 pm.

Dinner theme: Hawaiian Night